Mac mail rss not updating

Notification Center can be accessed by clicking the icon in the right corner of the menu bar.When open, the user can click a button to tweet, post status updates to Facebook, or view all notifications in the sidebar pane.Users can click and drag an app in the pane to change the order the applications are displayed within Notification Center. The menu allows users to change text size, format lists, choose the alignment (left, center, justify, or right), assign a writing direction, and indent text.Attachments, images, and hyperlinks can also be added into a note. Starting with this release, Messages replaced i Chat as the default OS X instant-messaging client.Each application can have three ways to display notifications: none, banners, and alerts.Options to toggle the app icons and sounds are also available.Although 10.8.1 improved battery life for some customers, others continue to complain about reduced battery life and a constant drop in battery health, ultimately resulting in a "Service Battery" message.As in 10.7, the earliest models supporting Air Drop are the late-2008 Mac Book Pro, late-2010 Mac Book Air, late-2008 Mac Book, mid-2010 Mac Mini, and early-2009 Mac Pro with an Air Port Extreme card.

OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8) is the ninth major release of OS X (now named mac OS), Apple Inc.'s desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers.

Badges are red notification icons that are displayed on the application's icon.

They indicate the number of items available for the application.

It provides an overview of alerts from applications and displays notifications until the user completes an associated action, rather than requiring instant resolution.

Users may choose what applications appear in Notification Center, and how they are handled.

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