Maghreb dating customs

The latter is in Greek, while one of the inscriptions of Volubilis is in Hebrew.

Morocco, like the remainder of the Maghreb, was one of the favorite territories for Jewish missionary activities.

The pogrom in Fez in 1033 is to be seen as an isolated event due to the Jewish support for the Maghrawas, the rivals of the Ifrenids.

Scholars were to be found in the Atlas region, in Aghmāt; of these, there is information on the talmudist Zechariah b. In Fez studies were carried on continuously; it was for this reason that Maimonides and his family settled there after leaving Spain during the persecution of the Almohads.

The doctrine of the mahdi Ibn Tūmart, which inaugurated the Almohadmovement, did not tolerate the existence of non-Muslims.

These were the Fandalāwqa, Madyūna, Bahlūla, Ghiyāta, and Bazāz tribes.

The capital of the last was also named Bazāz or Qulʿat-Mlahdī.

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