Manager of pid file quit without updating

It runs all of your website's databases, WHM/Cpanel control panel databases etc. There could be many reasons behind the failure of the service.

In this article, we have listed the most common fixes which work on most cases.

Not too sure about recreating the file, i tried this and it just removed itself!

But these may not solve the issue, I found a clean install of the latest mysql will address the issue by installing all components from the dmg.

Inno DB: If the corrupt page is an index page Inno DB: you can also try to fix the corruption Inno DB: by dumping, dropping, and reimporting Inno DB: the corrupt table.

Please remove pid file manually, then start mysqld.

Description: severals day ago, Cent OS is power off unexpectedly.

The following is from localhost./usr/local/mysql5/libexec/mysqld: Table 'plugin' is read only [ERROR]: Can't open the mysql.plugin table.

These files are usually under the mysql data directory.

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