Manners in dating kristen alderson and nic robuck dating

Do you ever ask yourself if this could ever be YOU, for a change?If there were something you could do to help it become a reality, you would do it right? Meet Modern Day Miss Prissy @ss, your new dating and etiquette coach.

Your thumbprint should be touching the side of the top of your index finger. Close your lips around the fork with all of the food in your mouth. IT' S TOO BIG of a bite then now, isn't it? Only pick up your knife if you are going to cut something, not to use it as a scoop into your fork. When you are done cutting, put the knife down, pick up the piece of food on your fork WITHOUT the knife in your other hand.

You should be able to hold the fork with the thumb, index and middle finger underneath. Extract the fork with your lips, keeping the fork facing upwards careful (MD Miss Prissy @ss Cringes) NOT to scrape it on your teeth. Soup is supposed to be eaten by scooping the spoon away from you. Prissy @ss says scoop however you want as long as you are not clanging your spoon against the bowl the whole time.

Stab your food with your fork and bring the food to your mouth, fork top facing up. Put your fork down on your plate, hands in your lap, chew and swallow. MD Miss Prissy @ss says putting the fork down and napkin dabbing after every bite is overkill unless the Queen is present. This way no one has to see your disgusting chewed up food, or even worse, you spray your disgusting chewed up food everywhere because you are talking with your mouth full. Just scoop the soup, not the entire side of the bowl every time.

Just put the fork down sometimes and wipe milk mustaches and food falling off your face every so often. When making a reservation, it is proper for it to go under the Gentleman's last name.

After the Gentleman checks in for the reservation it is the "Ladies First" rule.

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