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I then started checking people that I had arrested in the past, including students, staff and people from off campus.

As a result I found that a music student had pawned three tubas at different pawn shops over a six month period.

He was later was arrested and transported back to Alabama.

It was also discovered that the suspects burglarized a total of three homes that day, and most of the items stolen were found using Leads Online." "We were investigating a residential house fire and quickly developed a suspect.

With this information, we were able to identify a male and female that lived near the home that was burglarized.

Thanks to leads online, TDC has another customer." "I wish to express my gratitude to Leads Online for all the help given to me in my investigation regarding a Burglary.

During that contact, I found yet another suspect present who resembled a suspect we were looking for in two other burglaries and a theft.

Upon returning to the office, I ran that new suspect on Leads Online and found a stolen battery charger taken from the auto repair class at St.

Later that day, we were searching Leads Online for the stolen items and found several that were sold in Mobile, Alabama.

Investigators went to the business, retrieved the items, and collected video.

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