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Either way, Rooms has essentially killed Room for now.

The small company’s app has been buried in online search results by Facebook’s newest release, though perhaps these copycat claims may give the service a small boost of attention.

(Of note, Slack doesn’t offer currently a direct integration of Quip into Slack among dozens of other integrations, while Quip does offer a way of integrating Slack messages into Quip by way of Zapier.) Nor would he say anything about engagement on Quip.

“We measure slightly unusual things, like the number of ‘document editors’ per team,” he says, “but we aren’t releasing those stats publicly right now.” But given how sticky messaging has proven for other businesses — Slack, Whats App, Messenger and many others being key examples — it’s no surprise to see Quip enhancing this feature as it continues to grow.

“The value in Quip chat is in its deep integration with your team’s documents and spreadsheets.Taylor says that other “fun” features that have been “extremely popular in our beta testing”, like custom memes and slash commands, will remain free.And if you think that the Slack approach of making hay while the sun shines is the only way to go, here’s a riposte to that: to date, Quip has raised only a single round of funding, million, from Benchmark’s Peter Fenton, Yuri Milner, Marc Benioff and other angels in late 2012.We want Quip to be the hub for all of for all your most important conversations and content.For now, Chat Rooms are free to use, but Taylor says the plan will be to limit the searchable message archive for its free tier of users.

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