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On their wedding night, Param was surprised when his new bride Navita suddenly turned into werewolf and turned him into one too! Or will Param be haunted by his carefree days as a bachelor (and a human)?The three Crumplebottom sisters have very little in common with one another, and yet they have never been able to live apart.This is one large family with another member on the way!To an outsider, this combined family of witches and humans may seem strange and full of chaos, but the Mac Duffs are quick to pull together and support each other in a crisis (like that time Faiths hamster died).Will raising Fawn, their human toddler, bring them more than they bargained for?Once on the verge of living on the streets, the hippie Ivy family now lives the trustifarian lifestyle after Rainflower inherited a fortune from a long-lost great-aunt.

Pappy lives alone on the opposite end of town from all those undead deadbeats.

The parents, Joanie and Flint, do their best to manage such a large household, but will the addition of Baby Mac Duff be one Mac Duff too many?

Marigold only recently realized that shes descended from a family of powerful fairies.

While he cant prove it, he believes he must be a descendant of the famous Grimm brothers, the writers of many classic fairy tales.

Chauncey has come to Moonlight Falls to carry on his family legacy.

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