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Not only that, when a nonnative speaker becomes nervous or emotional, speaking accurately in a second language becomes even more difficult.

You can help your students by giving them a chance to practice the interview process before a job is on the line.

In certain situations, subordinates may have access to information their superiors don't, or have an insight that would result in a more effective plan than the one their boss proposed.

"Good leaders must welcome this, putting aside ego and personal agendas to ensure that the team has the greatest chance of accomplishing its strategic goals," Willink writes.

Even when leaders are not directly responsible for all outcomes, it was their method of communication and guidance, or lack thereof, that led to the results.

It means that for any team or organization, "all responsibility for success and failure rests with the leader," Willink writes.

The most effective leaders learn how to quickly determine which of their team's tasks need to be monitored in order for them to progress smoothly, "but cannot get sucked into the details and lose track of the bigger picture," Willink writes.

The best leaders keep their egos in check and their minds open to others, and admit when they're wrong.

For most ESL students, the interview will probably be the most intimidating part of the job application process.

Often, a student’s English education has focused more on reading and writing and less on listening and speaking, so a real life situation that demands fluent speech and can be nerve wracking.

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