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Being thrifty is an integral part of the park-going experience. Bring portable speakers and a deck of playing cards.

Plus: What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You To A Date Once the domain of a only a very exclusive coterie of expensive-camera-wielding artsy types, the recent boom of photography apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic now allows anyone with an i Phone and a lack of self-consciousness to document their adventures with photos that could adorn a trendy restaurant’s walls. Once that warm cocoon of inebriation creeps up your limbs and you start to exchange darting glances through blushes at one another, proceed to item #9.

Going from one place to another also allows the two of you to take turns paying the tab.

By the end of a third date, you’ll probably know whether there’s potential for something deeper. My early-date standbys used to be coffee at Tryst or drinks at Bourbon or Bar Charley.

(Aren’t you tired of asking strangers to “grab a drink”?

) With that in mind, I designed these outings — Dates One through Three — with the assumption that you’re finding most of your first dates online, so you can end them easily and quickly if things aren’t going well.

Because online dating has lost much of its stigma in the past decade — and singles are making plans with people they know little about — first dates have gotten more casual.

But about a year ago, I realized my favorite spots had become haunted: I’d been on so many dates there that my mind wandered from the man in front of me to other, better first dates in the same location, with someone else who was long out of the picture.

When you go somewhere so often, it’s easy to contract first-date fatigue.

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FRI, Jan 12 Shot Video Production presents Richie Birthday Party: Paparazzi Lifestyle, Grammy Edition at D' Clubhouse, Temple Hall.

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