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In temperate climates and among the Swiss breeds, the breeding season commences as the day length shortens, and ends in early spring or before.

In equatorial regions, goats are able to breed at any time of the year.

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Dutch/Icelandic geit, German Geiß, and Gothic gaits), ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰaidos meaning "young goat" (cf.

Some does will not mate with a buck which has been descented.

In addition to natural, traditional mating, artificial insemination has gained popularity among goat breeders, as it allows easy access to a wide variety of bloodlines. Twins are the usual result, with single and triplet births also common.

Less frequent are litters of quadruplet, quintuplet, and even sextuplet kids.

Birthing, known as kidding, generally occurs uneventfully.

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