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As the clocks go forward, the change to BST means you sadly lost an hour of sleep.But when the clocks changed again, at 2am on October 29 to be precise, you'll have claimed those 60 minutes of lost sleep time back.Rather NTP will drift the clock by slowing down (or increasing the speed of) the system clock. This might sound obvious, but you should never, ever, ever, code your own time libraries. Like your infrastructure, the application should persist time in UTC.Most applications automatically inherit the time settings from the servers they are running on.As a developer, you should not expect the time zone of the server to be set to UTC.

Using the offset, the time can be later interpreted precisely.

For applications to handle this correctly, they have to rely heavily on the configuration of the underlying time infrastructure.

UTC stands for Before we start, I would like to emphasize that a Time Zone can not be exclusively represented by an offset from UTC.

Everything you own should run an NTP client and synchronize time with your Time Servers.

This is important because you want to keep consistency between events that happen on different (and perhaps even geographically distributed) servers.

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