Nick jonas dating 2016

These days, when he’s not splashed across tabloids obsessively chronicling his dating life (no, he’s not seeing anyone), his abs (more on those later), and the meaning of his slightly mystifying new single, “Bacon” (it’s more or less an ode to the single life), Jonas is celebrating his thriving acting career.

He wowed indie festivalgoers earlier this year with his brooding performance as a conflicted college student in the film , alongside Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, otherwise known as the biggest movie stars on earth.

To top it all off, when he isn’t impressing critics, he’s hobnobbing with all manner of royalty—music and otherwise—as when he was invited to President Obama’s birthday bash at the White House last August and got to pal around with Stevie Wonder and Paul Mc Cartney.

The agent responds by holding up his American Express Black Card, to which Powers responds, “What’s that? They don’t get it,’ or you can go, ‘I need to make an adjustment.

Suddenly the Jonas Brothers were making a cameo on , performing at awards shows, and launching sold-out world tours in which they hired decoy SUVs to evade paparazzi.

But like all things white-hot, the Jonas phenomenon was bound to cool, and the band called it quits in 2013.

I need to evolve.’ Because it really is evolve or die.

If you don’t continue to push yourself, it’s not going to work.” In early 2014, Jonas was busy working on a new album when he read the script for AT&T Audience Network’s MMA drama ), who shares an agent with Jonas.

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