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• The 6.25% rule is in effect for all Chianina Assoc. Breeders should contact the ACA office for blood or DNA kits. Breeders will be allowed to use multi-sire groups, however to qualify for registration, resulting offspring must be DNA tested to determine their actual sire.

Sponsored shows including the National Junior Heifer Show. Tattoo of the animal including herd prefix, year letter, and an individual identification number that is unique to this animal. Under certain scenarios, the breeder may be required to DNA test both the sire and dam of the offspring for parental verification. Upon sale of a female mated within a multi-sire group, it is the responsibility of the buyer to DNA test resulting calf before registration. Breeder/seller will be responsible for DNA testing of all calves sold at side of dam or sold as an individual before that calf can be registered with the ACA. All sires intended for use with artificial insemination (A.

This includes syndicated cattle, semen interest, and embryo interest. First owner originates application for registration. It is the responsibility of the first owner (owner at the time of birth) to properly identify (herd prefix and tattoo) and register an ACA animal. Names of imported cattle shall be the same as shown on the certificate of registry from the country or origin (providing the name does not exceed twenty-four (24) characters). Any writing on a certificate intended to falsify the records will invalidate the certificate and necessitate the issuance of a duplicate at a cost to the holder. For blood typing or DNA testing materials you must contact the ACA office for instructions or referral to a laboratory approved by the ACA. Certificates for cattle to be transferred shall be properly completed and signed by the owner listed on the registration certificate and submitted to the ACA for processing. Certificates for cattle to be transferred must give the printed name and address of the new owner(s), the date of sale, and if a female, whether open or bred, and if bred, the date(s) bred, and the name and registration number of the service sire; and any other information necessary for such transfer. Partial interest, semen interest and embryo interest transfers shall be treated the same as a regular transfer.

Upon sale, it is the responsibility of the first owner to transfer the ACA animal to the new owner. Multiple Births- In the case of twins or multiple births, a separate application for registration must be submitted for each animal. Subject to Item H, below, the names of animals being registered shall not exceed twenty four (30) letters, numbers and spaces (characters). No alterations of any kind can be made on a registration certificate. Everyone registering cattle in the ACA Registry is required to have and use an ACA approved herd prefix. All herd prefixes are assigned by the ACA on a first come first served basis. In the event of multiple owners, transfer fees must be paid for each person receiving a registration certificate on the animal being transferred.1.

The *tattoo (including herd prefix, year letter, and unique individual number within gender), name, color, whether the animal is horned, polled, or scurred, date of birth, sex, breeder, owner, sire and/or dam registration number (or genetic makeup of commercial cows) or every ACA animal accepted for entry in the ACA Registry in accordance with the rules and regulations governing entries herein; and 2.

If born on OR after 1-1-12 must be 6.25% OR higher. Effective January 1, 1992 performance data of calving ease, birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, (and date(s)weighed) appropriately available for the age of the animal at the time of registration shall be provided with the registration application. When certificates are received from the ACA, they should be checked immediately for accuracy. I.) must be blood typed or DNA tested before semen is distributed. All embryo donor cows must be blood typed or DNA tested.

If not available at the time of registration, then the owner must provide data as soon as possible thereafter. Ownership- The ownership of registered ACA cattle is unlimited, provided that the transfer of each interest to each “partial interest owner” is properly indicated on the transfer section on the application for registration or registration certificate. The names of registered cattle, including imported cattle, can be changed with the written consent of the first owner of the animal providing the animal has no registered offspring in the ACA Registry and the proper fee is paid. If an error is found, the certificate should be returned to the ACA for correction. When parentage is questioned, blood typing or DNA testing will be required and the questioning party shall bear all the cost.

PCF (Purebred Chiford): Any mating between two parents registered in the ACA Registry which result in offspring that meet the ACA Registry requirements under Rule II, Section C, Article 3, and have a minimum of three (3) consecutive generations Chiford on both sides of their pedigree (beginning with their sire and dam).

Examples of acceptable Chiford matings that would result in a PCF (purebred Chiford) are: 1.

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