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This shared authority is illustrated by the Cronica de Sampiro which names "Nunius Fredenandi, Abolmondar Albus et suus filius Didacus, et Fredenandi Ansuri filius" (see below, Chapter 1, parts D, A and C, respectively) as those counts who governed "Burgos" and who were captured by King Ordoo II "in riuo Carrion, loco Tebulare", datable to [922/23] from the context of the passage.In 930, Gonzalo Fernndez, known as "de Lara" from the castle which he built, succeeded his father after nine years in exile.

Both towns celebrated,” Nicolas Demetrio Kyriakis told author Paul Theroux for The New York Times. After 9/11, soldiers from the fort stopped visiting and border patrol started asking for passports.

As early as the reign of Alfonso II "el Casto" King of Asturias (791-842), the construction of a series of fortified villages and castles was started in the mountains above the upper Ebro to guard against Muslim invasions, from which the name "Castilla" (later given to the area) was derived.

In 804, a separate bishopric was established at Valpuesta to administer religious affairs in the area.

“Offensively, we’re playing as good as we’ve played all year,” Bechtel commented. The senior has rushed for 1,007 yards and 14 touchdowns. In his first year as the starter, he’s thrown for 1,970 yards with 13 touchdowns. Last season, the Nobles failed to make the playoffs despite an 8-2 record.

He is the first South Hills running back to rush for more than 1,000 yards since Jesse Garcia achieved the milestone back in 2014. He also has a penchant for turning the ball over, as he has also thrown 16 interceptions. Fast forward a year, and it’s Nogales that figures to be the team to beat in Division 13.

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