Nokia 5800 died after updating

This tends to replace the phone's entire firmware instead of just updating it, which takes a lot longer but can also be more reliable.

You can download Nokia Software Updater from its official website by clicking on this link.

Dead USB flashing makes a clean and bug free flashing of your firmware.

You can use this to flash your device using a CFW or an Original Firmware (OFW) Lets Start!

For some weird reason Nokia has decided to refer to firmware as "software", which is a bit confusing as software normally refers to computer programs in general.

However, we're going to use the word "firmware" because that's what everyone else uses when talking about the programs and instructions built into devices.

When the phone is ready, power it off again to re-insert the memory card (for highly safety measure, unless there are nothing important kept in the memory card, e.g. As the phone is switched on again with memory card inserted, the “preparing memory card” message appears.

Flashing your phone is not an easy thing for an average mobile user.

I was also hesitant before to flash my Nokia N8 via Phoenix but now flashing my device has never been so difficult.These updates are free, and can usually be downloaded onto the device from the internet.It's a good idea to regularly update the firmware on your phone, because the updates will fix problems, make the phone run more smoothly, and sometimes add new or updated functions.However, my Nokia 5800 firmware is already at this latest version out of the box. After trying with so many suggestions from Google search result to no success, I almost give up repeating the To be frank, I just don’t believe that one-line reply could be a real solution for me.But, I’ve ran out of ideas and found nothing newer than his suggestion. Eventually, this simple trick does works magically, and I can’t wait to tell him how excited and grateful I am!

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