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Part of what makes Clarke a particularly interesting member of this group — an anomaly, even — is that she's entering it despite the fact that she's still largely unrecognizable.Most people wouldn't be able to spot Clarke without the platinum wig and skimpy Grecian garb she wears when leading her slave army and three pet dragons across the Seven Kingdoms.

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' director, Alan Taylor, credits Clarke's British training as one reason he cast her as the mother of John Connor.

Clarke denies the salary figures ("Not even close," she says).

But whatever she's being paid, she's looking forward to getting back to her wig and pet dragons.

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casting director and several of the show's producers. "There was a huge, incredible plateau of fruit," Clarke, 28, recalls in her chirpy British accent. This is a audition.' " Just one year out of the famed Drama Centre London (other alums include Colin Firth, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy), the self-described "country girl" who grew up in Berkshire near Oxford University (where her father is a theater sound engineer and her mom a marketing exec) was struck by the extravagance.

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