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Content is also provided by divorced women who share their own experiences.The website is a hub, a home, a place where a woman can go to for support, inspiration and information relating to the divorce situation.They have negotiated free self-defence classes for divorced women in Johannesburg. ¹ Ad K0k8_ps And Sex/Divorce/a-divorce-guide-to-support-you-every-step-of-the-way-through-your-divorce-20160222

By creating her own inventory of the various types of support that she would have liked, this led to the creation of an online resource for women: The Divorce Source ( so that they would feel less alone going through a similar difficult experience.Despite the scars, we’re hopefully wiser, more empowered and stronger than we allowed our previous self to be as a result of the experience.Of course that mindset is usually reached quite some time after we have undergone our own private hell.My pain has given me a heightened sensitivity towards women in similar situations and I find immense meaning in being able to help others.My message to anyone going through this difficult time is that recovery after divorce is a process. Commit to finding your happiness and take small steps each day towards creating a good life for yourself and your children,” concludes Stacey.

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