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The rationale is that to combat favoritism a couple would have to be separated so their paths would never cross.“But that’s not possible here,” says Peggy Gardner, UPS public relations director.The American Management Association found that 30 percent of managers and executives in its survey admitted to dating someone from work.

The main thing is not to talk about co-workers with each other and never lie, Mollinedo says.

In the end, the company figures it would rather lose an employee over an office romance than cause morale problems across the board.

UPS does not specifically have a policy against dating in the workplace, but if two employees decide to get married and one of them holds a management position, the company encourages one of them to work elsewhere.

That disapproval may be misplaced: The reality is that a healthy romance may be good for the workplace, according to Pierce’s research.

In one of his studies, participation in a workplace romance had positive effects on job performance.

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