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or he is an egoistic and conceited bast*** who wants to prove that he's a lady's man. gender/gender roles, there's still a strong cultural and socioeconomic gap between sexes and their role. Virility and procurement of women is kinda virtuous. Reinforced religiously in the Catholic/Christian 'sanctity of family' schpiel. These might be reasons and there might be other reasons why men cheat. That leaves a lot of leg room for extracurricular activities. 1, culturally (women) they're brought up to kinda sorta be future moms, housewives.Britain was the world's first industrialized country and its economy remains one of the largest still to this day.It is both a key global player diplomatically and militarily. If your father is a womanizer then there's a good chance you'll end up being one of them. I mean I'm not claiming to be an expert, since I've been brought up abroad but basing on some of the comments and posts/threads here, there seem to be a lot of women who blame 'the other' rather than their husbands for infidelities. You don't have that in the PI; and even if you did, I'm pretty sure the enforcement would be shoddy at best.Mistake #3 - THE PAST DICTATES THE FUTURE **An ex-cheater can change and a person who never cheated before can start cheating.

Surprisingly, some surveys indicate an equal number of men and women cheaters. And say if you want to live a normal life, you have to obey or they either garnish your wages or make your life harder (take away your drivers' license etc.) So it gives men think twice before they screw around literally. I guess nationality doesn't have anything to do with the reasons why men cheat. They also have alimony payments if needed, if you got someone pregnant or if you had children from your marriage or relationship, the woman could bring it up to court and your a$$ needs to pay child support (and sometimes alimony to your ex/wife in a divorce until she finds a stable job etc.) if you have no or part-time custody for until they're eighteen based on how much you make.Though the United Kingdom is an ethnically diverse, social safety-netted, and economically stable place,many men from this country tend to be old-fashioned and it can be quite charming.British culture generally places a lot emphasis on the idea of being “emotionally independent”, so these men tend to be independent in all aspects, and are strong-willed and able to cope emotionally - what woman wouldn’t want such a reliable partner?

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