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My deployed husband said when he returns he wants to watch me pee to "make me more comfortable".I had no problem with it but felt that there was more to his request than what he stated. We started ******* on the couch, and he was hitting all the right spots...I had posted in the discussion area asking for opinions.So I've been with my boyfriend for a while, and I've been hinting that I wanted to try anything involving pee. We had some vodka hidden in a shampoo bottle and mixed it in our mountain dew cans. We went outside the tent and agreed we'd each hold each other's c*cks while peeing everywhere. I don't mind being forced to have accidents in my pants, but I forced my boyfriend to do so once. Brought her to a bathroom and she grabbed me pulled down my pants and gave me sex while she peed on me. I love to give my wife a sensual massage before making love. She says that it stops her **** from being slippery and that it...He hasn't really gotten into it until last weekend. We were at the movies watching an ultralong one when he quietly whispered he needed the loo. and I would go behind his garage in an area hidden by bushes, get naked and repeatedly pee on each other.

Your warm spunk will be dripping out of me for hours. I also love a guy to piss all over my face tits and ass and would love the idea of you drinking my piss too. 'M' had been staying with me all weekend, obviously being young and having the sex drive we do, we were pretty much having sex most of the time. I shared my swimsuit pee experiences, so now I will share my peeing during sex experiences. I plucked up the courage one night after quite a few drinks and told her I had a fantasy. I was the older brother and this a one of my stories. a fuckbudy and I went out drinking one night, and when we got home from the bar, we started messing around.I had been dating my boyfriend for about 4 years (he's now my husband) and I still had never told him of my pee fetish. She asked what it was and I told her I always wondered what it would be like to indulge in water... She said that she had a shy bladder and she probably could not pee. My little brother loved to touch my ****, I think because it was bigger than his and in general guys like *****. I was in college at the time, and living in apartments on campus that came furnished. A man, I've never met, calling me, telling me all the things he'll do to me! Call me now, give me that creamy cum from your juicy cock.

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