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On re-registration of members, Udom said the process has to be completed on official forms provided by the Election Commission and should not be seen as an additional burden.

He said that the requirements under the new order concerning the political parties’ funding base is aimed at creating an equal footing for both legacy parties and new parties which would be set up.

However, Nikorn Chamnong, director of Chatthai Pattana party, said the NCPO order appears to be a tactic to revamp the whole political party system via requirements about re-registering members.

He said those who drafted the new conditions did not consult with political parties so there could be future problems when enforcing the conditions.

In fact, we’ve been building the party’s membership base for the past 71 years.

It would be demolished in a matter of 30 days,” he said.

In certain circumstances the government can force through legislation passed by the Commons but rejected by the Lords. Voters do not elect the prime minister, or head of government, directly.

Rather, they vote to elect a candidate representing a particular party to serve as their local MP.

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If the queen is the head of state, then how come the UK a democracy?Law drafters have denied that the order is aimed at diluting the membership base of established major parties.Paiboon Nititawan, a leader of the People’s Network for Political Reform, said the NCPO order would ensure that old and new political parties are on an equal footing, adding that new parties would have time to hold meetings to establish their new grouping after April 30.As a result, the Democrat Party’s members could fall sharply even though there could be another 30-day extension of the April 30, 2018 deadline to comply with the NCPO order.According to Nipit, the order would cause problems for all political parties that existed before the 2014 coup since most would not be able to meet the deadline on re-registering members in accordance with the new order from junta leader and Prime Minister General Prayut Cha-o-Cha.

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