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Dancing Darth Vaders and storm troopers are just a few of the characters that can be found at the Dark Side, a Star Wars-themed bar that is popping up in three cities for a limited time.

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Party-goers are encouraged to dress in costume, but it's not required to enjoy a cocktail or two.

"But with the influx of baby boomers, and as more people are aging ...

I think they're looking for those out-of-the-box opportunities." People are living longer than ever, and many are realizing that romance doesn't have to stop with old age.

Expect the Dark Side Bar to live up to Neil's description of “a total space-nerd hangout.” Entertainment will include trivia nights and “alien speed dating,” where participants will be required to wear a costume or face paint while trying to forge a connection over icebreaker questions like, “Who shot first: Han or Greedo?

” (If that question makes no sense, this probably isn't the right bar for you.) On Fridays and Saturdays from 9 p.m.

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