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This is what it is like to be the Coyote, strapped to some ACME rocket in pursuit of the venerable Road Runner, I thought to myself – mid corner, at speed, gaining angle and skirting that grey area between traction and type monster-wrangler – and quite frankly, who doesn’t – the upgraded M4 is not for the faint of heart.

BMW’s not-quite-iconic-yet M4 (#m3forever) sits right on the Vicky Mendoza Diagonal of the Fast/Scary scale.

Running in the most aggressive M Performance mode (it’s an M4, as if you keep it in Comfort), you basically have a digital throttle. Squeeze lightly and the car builds speed in a soft and slightly spongy manner, stamp harder and the back of the car tries to get to where you were thinking of but before your brain has had time to process the thought. Don’t get me wrong, this is what you want when you sign up for the M4.

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Interior upgrades are more noticeable, and include great new seats with ‘tickle hole’ cutouts near your ribs to help save weight.

You do get keyless entry, digital radio, head-up display, heated seats and the Connected Drive concierge and connectivity functions though.

Underneath, the Competition sees new springs, dampers and anti-roll bars as well as a recalibrated ride and traction settings from the suspension and active differential respectively.

First up, BMW knows how to make a lovely steering wheel.

The width, weight and feel is pretty close to perfect and it helps reinforce the ‘ultimate driving machine’ feeling.

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