Problem in updating avg antivirus

Before I continue with more information about this report...

let me say a few words about the term "False Positive": There are people who say that I don't use the term "False Positive" correctly, simply because the alerts about my tools are not a mistake and the Antivirus programs have to display an alert about a program that can be used by hackers for bad purposes (like my password-recovery tools). It's somewhat legitimate that Antivirus program will display a warning about my password-recovery tools, as long as it's done with full explanation about the alert, which means that the Antivirus program must explain the user that the program is completely legitimate and it's not bad by itself, but it can be also used by hackers to steal passwords and that's why the warning is displayed. the alerts on password-recovery tools should not be detected in Virus Total Web site, unless this Web site will start to make full separation between Viruses/Trojans/Malwares and non-malicious tools, so people who check the file in Virus Total will not think that my tool is an horrible Virus.

In additional to the password-recovery tools downloaded separately, Nir Launcher package is also frequently blocked by Chrome and Firefox, simply because it contains the same password-recovery tools. In the last week, I had 3 days that my Web site was blocked for people who search my utilities in Google, and "This site may harm your computer" message was displayed in the search result.

The automatic systems of Google falsely detected that I have multiple malwares on my Web site, and blocked the access to my Web site from Google search results in order to protect the users from malwares that didn't really exist...

I have created a small program that downloads the Antivirus scans result of all files of Nir Soft from Virus Total Web site and then processes the collected information and generates the desired report.

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The command-line options of my password recovery tools are the major feature that allows hackers and Trojans to use these tools for bad purposes, because it's possible to export the passwords into a file and then optionally send them to a remote location (using another software) without displaying any user interface.It doesn't really matter that the Antivirus developers only wanted to warn the user about a software that can be used by hacker, if the Antivirus program doesn't deliver the message to the end user correctly, then it' still a false positive.It's important to say that some of the Antivirus programs imply that my tools are not a Virus by adding "not-a-virus" or "Hacktool" or "Riskware" strings to the alert name, but many users don't understand the meaning of these strings and still think that the file is infected.As you may already know, the password recovery tools provided by Nir Soft are constantly detected by many Antivirus programs as malware/Trojan/Virus or as a security risk. The Antivirus companies deliberately add these utilities to their database, because in addition to their legitimate use of recovering passwords, these programs can also be used for malicious purposes, like stealing passwords from another person, and thus the Antivirus companies see them as a threat to the user.In the past, the Virus alerts problem only affected users who have Antivirus program running in the background, but today... It started 2 years ago, when Google acquired Virus Total, a known Web site that scans files with all major Antivirus engines, and displays the result from all of them in one page.

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