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Each kid created his own meal and designed his cookies.Doctors and nurses participated in both events and shared happy moments with their young patients.

If no withdrawal or transfers occur in the account during the required period, customers will get an additional 1 extra chance for each KD 50 held in the account and double their chances of winning.NBK has provided a display screen, entertainment facilities, variety of different and various books and other supplies for children to enjoy the whole program.NBK’s initiative reflects the bank’s high sense of duty and responsibility towards the community and helping those in need.The two initiatives come as part of a fun activity program that extends all year long and includes a library, a reading corner, storytelling sessions, activities for the medical staff such as the “nurse of the month”, interactive expression day, fun events and a movie night activity that are organized occasionally.These activities gave the children the opportunity to create their breakfast in a healthy exciting way and to encourage the children to enjoy eating healthy food.

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