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And almost 1 in every 5 online daters end up marrying someone they met online.Most online daters say they had an easier time meeting someone online, but online dating comes with its own downsides.We are starting to accept online dating more and more as a genuine way to meet someone.Still, even now, many people do not take it seriously and ask themselves if it can work at all. I have been dating someone online about seven years ago.This can make the game more comfortable, allowing a sense of familiarity and common interest to make it easier to connect without awkwardness.It's also a great way to set up future meetings in group settings, which can make for fun future dates.You also can’t react to their body language or mood, making getting along more difficult. Online dating is not a taboo subject anymore and people seem to take it more seriously than a few years ago.

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Most of these searchers at least land a date — over half of online daters went on a date with someone they met via the web, found one study.

It was a great experience at the time and we are happily married for more than 4 years now.

The methods of finding love have drastically changed in today's digital age.

The increasing generations of professionals are looking towards easier and more time efficient ways of dating to fit into their busy schedules.

While there are differing ideas as to whether traditional dating or online dating is more effective, it is important to recognize that both approaches have a series of advantages and disadvantages.

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