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Any savings you get from a lower interest rate need to more than cover the transfer fee.You might also take on new annual fees if you open a new credit card.If you pay off debt for several years—which is longer than any credit card promotion—you might do better with a debt consolidation loan.Interest rates can be variable, meaning they’ll move up and down like credit card rates, or they might be fixed.With some loans, you’ll see obvious costs like processing or origination fees.With other loans, the costs will be invisible, but they’re built into the interest rate.

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In a best-case-scenario, you can pay 0-percent interest on your debt, at least for a limited time.Eliminating interest charges helps to stop the bleeding because your loan balance stops growing, and 100 percent of each payment goes toward reducing your debt. Fees: Find out whether or not you’ll have to pay a fee to transfer balances.Costs are often around 3 percent of the amount you transfer, or a flat dollar amount—whichever is greater.Fixed rates make it easier to plan because you’ll know what your monthly payments are for the entire life of the loan.But fixed rates typically start out higher than variable rates.

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