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This is why they prefer mature men as their first choice even though not all older men are necessarily mature or faithful. Getting to know a GOOD Filipina woman is a process. So it is imperative you make your intentions clear and what sort of time frame you are willing to work with. Sometimes we meet up for lunch on a random basis or catch a movie.. We go ‘dutch’ on the expenses, usually one covers dinner and the other the movie and at the end we go our separate ways home and that’s it.

Now, when speaking of ‘good, decent’ Filipina women.. They are a fervent, passionate, protective and yes.. Be prepared to be loved, adored and cherished perhaps better than you feel you deserve. Here in the Philippines, something as simple as lunch has a whole different twist here.

And yes, It’s true that there are plenty of great looking women from L. “In California or any other major city like Dallas, New York, Miami, San Francisco, etc.

you may see twenty, thirty ‘hot’ looking women as you go about your daily business. Then those first dates, if it even goes past the initial meet-up at Starbucks. Unless you want the convenience factor but then you have to deal with a high number of scammers who are just looking for money. For one thing, foreigners are viewed as more desirable, so you’ve got that going for you right off the bat.

In regard to fidelity, Filipinas prefer an older expat over a younger one as a husband.

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A few years ago, while living on Mactan, I met a lovely young Filipina named Steff. She has two young kids and works two jobs to provide for them. But knowing what I know about the differences in culture, just to be safe I have let her know (’. But to most Filipinas in the smaller cities and especially in the provinces, it’s almost equivalent to taking some girl to Rodeo Drive for dinner on a first date.Add to that their shy, demure, sweet personalities and you don’t need an online website to find your future soulmate once you get here. The Catholic culture is strong here and women are taught from childhood that they are to be conservative, faithful, loving and adoring of the man in their life.The Philippines is changing slowly away from this as the internet becomes more and more available even in the remote provinces.Time and experience has brought today’s Filipina to a certain conclusion about men and it is this; “Younger men are less financially stable and more likely to cheat.Older men are more financially stable and less likely to cheat.” So now you can begin to see why an older, expat bachelor arriving the Philippines is such a hot commodity.

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