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Larry Schwimmer is an astrologer in private practice.

For private consultations on your compatibility with someone, contact him at: [email protected] go to

If you’re curious about the exact legal / financial structure I’ll be using for our co-habiting relationship, read this article here. (I don’t give personal legal or financial information over the internet to the public, and neither should you.) If you seriously think I’m getting into a typical, traditional marriage where I’m going to risk my finances in any way whatsoever, then you’re stupid, and again you need to read this.

I always follow my own advice and have not changed my mind on a single thing I’ve said publicly for the last nine years.

To find your personal transits go to the Free Transit Calculator and enter your birth date.

And, if you want to find out about the major events happening to you in 2015 in your relationships, career, investments & health: Order your Report on Your Future in 2015.

You can do this by asking the person thoughtful questions based on your astrological birth sign.

She is also free to not answer any questions she considers too personal; it’s completely up to her.

The only questions I’ve instructed her to not answer are any questions regarding her or my finances, including the legal and financial aspects of the marriage.

Their answers will reveal if they're likely to satisfy the most basic needs you have in a romantic relationship. They are based on the unique character, traits and needs of your Sun sign, which give insights into your romantic, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, economic and sexual needs.

How To Use These Questions Find your sign among the 12 shown.

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