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Sitting completely naked at the dresser, she was rubbing one hand against her clit and coating the other in coconut oil while watching us fuck. I felt my orgasm begin, but also lost all interest in Candice. I knew she was kinky from the way she had masturbated in front of me, but she really loved rough sex and seemed to have some sort of drowning fetish. There was no need for coconut oil - my dick was fully lubed from fucking her wet vagina.

I pulled out of her asshole and blew my load over her back. It was only then that I recognised our intruder as Candice's fellow Victoria's Secret Angel, Josephine Skriver. She had dirty blonde hair, which, hanging loose, perfectly framed her round face. She turned around and bent over the dressed, presenting her perfect bubble butt. I grabbed her under the arm, hoist up my trunks, and pulled her over to the spot where I'd first fucked Candice. I positioned the head of my cock against her tight asshole and smoothly slid in.

I lost all sense of time, before the door burst open. She suddenly realised what she'd walked in on, and dashed out, embarrassed.

The good news is, Kellerman’s was filmed at a real resort and they even offer Dirty Dancing Weekends. Kellerman’s is really Mountain Lake Hotel in Pembroke, Virginia.Her work took her away from her husband and towards me.She wouldn't let me go down on her or fuck her vagina; despite her infidelity, she still considered these to be sacred activities that only her husband could perform on her.Now let’s all get out there, travel, and have the time of our life….In the weeks after our initial hook-up on a beach in the Bahamas, Candice Swanepoel and I started having sex regularly.

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