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As you surely know, the reality TV vet is expecting a baby girl via a surrogate this December.This would explain why everything was decked out in pink for the family affair. Habits : Biting his nails,opening his mouth, touching anything that’s cute, and saying ‘Eomma! Jimin said V sometimes worse than the maknae (Jungkook). He likes searching for good songs that not many people know about it. I went to look around but ran into one of the rookie group development Noonas. (laughs)”“I didn’t volunteer to dance, it’s just that another trainee hyung told me ‘The eldest Hyung is going to be coming later. Make a first impression that he’ll remember you.’ As soon as Jin Hyung came, I got embarrassed so I kept dancing while looking down. V ideal type is someone who gets more charming everyday, takes care of him, loves him, always chic outdoors, makes hot chocolate, has a lot aegyo and a girl who wears wide pants. I was only thinking about looking around the Academy. They performed in Hawaii on October 22nd and even held a fan meeting.They’re also going to be performing in Japan for the rest of the year.

Check out these two photos where she’s spotted at his concert in Sydney, Australia!

Min Hyo Rin is just as loving to Taeyang, so have no fear VIPs!

Your man is in good hands with his gorgeous girlfriend.

When I checked later, I was the only one from Daegu to pass the auditions. I like a girl who becomes more charming by the day. But because all (BTS) of our ideal types are different, i don’t think we’ll date the same girl.” 22.

She told me to try auditioning, called my parents, got permission, and I auditioned. Hyung kept staring at me with a blank expression and eventually told me, ‘You, go dance in the front over there.'” 19. [Behind The Show 140928] – V, “For me, i think it’s really pretty when girls wear wide pants. He watch all episode of anime such as Digimon Adventure, Wolf Children, and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, One Pice, Summer Wars, Piano No Mori, and other works of Director Hosada Mamoru.

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