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He suggested that the noble badger become the image to adorn our brand.The Hamels finally coalesced and embraced their badger destiny.A male badger is a boar (but never boring), a female is a sow (yet rarely seen sewing), and a young badger is a cub (definitely not a scout).Badger colonies or communities are often called clans.The surprise almost backfired when Pam heard a scream as George discovered it.Ultimately, that badger became the muse that inspired the image that today adorns the HFW brand.

By this point, it probably seems obvious how this story ends. Finally, after months of disagreement and with deadlines looming, John noted that the one thing the family seems to share is an affinity for badgers.

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), we invite you to become a “free and easy” Sancoucie Club member.

Mysterio is the name of the “other man” in Pam’s life—her beloved horse.

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