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- The kernel finds it is not the correct system and reports a fail-status, sets this as persistent information, and will force a reboot - At reboot, (and every reboot after) the Bootloader picks up the fail status and pass it on to the kernel, which in turn will pass it on to the system.

- Now, Android thinks, System is messed up and will not allow you to download and apply an OTA.

From now on, every boot, even if you flash a clean stock system, the aboot will tell the rest of the guys working inside your phone: hey, this thing has been messed with, it cannot be updated anymore!

Fixing strategies: 1.) To restore OTA function fast and easy: run a RUU.

The on-screen status report is more detailed in download mode.

This making it the preferred flashing mode for now.

Hello folks, I recently decided to start this thread to collect all sorts of RUUs, firmware, recoveries, OTAs, as well as Nandroid backup as they are shared by users on this forum.

The aim is to provide you with one single thread to find what you seek and where every user can participate by sharing files and/or links to.

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Images that do not get flashed show "BYPASSED", which is NOT an error.

Should you decide to flash in RUUMode (instead of Download Mode like suggested further up), the flash process halts at around 90% on phone screen! The last few percent is the reboot, which is NOT happening automatically, so you get a chance to check the console output to make sure it is safe to reboot!

The bar will only fill up to 100% once you type: or press Power to return to Download Mode screen - depending on the mode you used to flash the zip.

When in download mode, use the Vol Up and Vol Down buttons to navigate up and down and use Power to confirm. Now place the Firmware_into your adb/fastboot folder (which will be "C:\Android\com" if you use my Batch Tool). this flash log is taken from a No Wipe (not all images included) flash on an HTC 10.

New is (compared to M7, M8) that the checking routine is way more sophisticated and Controller Firmware for e.g.

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