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The Oscars are rapidly approaching and most people are probably wondering who their favorite celebrities will show up with.At last year's awards, Robin Roberts mistakenly called Chris Evans’ date his girlfriend, which was quickly laughed off and corrected by both Evans and his good friend Tara.Our chat took place at Woodland, Evans' storied estate in Beverly Hills, in his equally famous screening room, which mysteriously burned down a couple years later. These films, as well as others from the era, helped reshape our world, redefine us as people, and remain timeless touchstones to which millions born and unborn will return probably for as long as man continues to inhabit this crazy mess of a planet. The family later adopted the last name Evans as a tribute to their paternal grandmother, whose maiden name was Evan.

Maybe Evans will attend next year's Oscars as a nominee.

" most would respond: "Uh, well, let's see there's Roman Polanski, Haskell Wexler, Franco Zeffirelli, Francis Ford Coppola..." Whoah. Forgoing college, Evans joined his older brother Charles in running the elder Evans' highly-successful women's clothing label Evan-Picone, making Robert Evans a millionaire before his 25th birthday.

While visiting the west coast to open Evan-Picone boutiques, Evans was discovered poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel by Norma Shearer, a silent, and early talkie, screen star and widow of the legendary boy mogul Irving Thalberg.

But whoever he walks down the red carpet with, it likely won't be a girlfriend.

In September, Entertainment Tonight asked Evans if he’s "still on the market" and, he replied, “That is still the case.” A few days later, he was spotted out with ex-girlfriend Minka Kelly by People as the pair were walking their dogs together, sparking romance rumors once again.

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