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I didn’t finish Love Bites, but at least it’s half done.

And even if it’s not finished, Cursed Lands it’s at good point and I’ve personally invested at least six months of time on it (only the character creation phase with the custom portrait generator took me over a month to code).

It’s also “fun” for me to see how there’s a sort of pattern for my work which repeats almost every two years, alternating a good/lucky/productive year with a bad/unlucky/unproductive one: 2012 Loren DLC, good 2013 Nicole, bad (not for the game, but because I just released one dating sim and it’s not much in a whole year) 2014 Roommates and SOTW, good (probably my best year ever since both games did great) 2015 No games, very bad! , very good 2017 One game, bad The good news is: based on that “magic pattern”, 2018 should be a good year!! 🙂 Like every year I’m doing a promo sale for the holidays, on and on Steam.

Planet Stronghold 2 In the past weeks I also made very good progress on this game.

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I really want to introduce a rule that says the prisoner must always be restrained (I am normally the prisoner and enjoy being tied) it has come in play from time to time but I was wondering how we... The feeling of being restrained and helpless against someone else turns me on so much. That was a totally stupid move and I am banging my head on the wall every time I think about it.Second and related to this, if I do a dating sim or a visual novel, there’s no problem in using external writers, but if I do a game where the gameplay is so interwoven with the story, I HAVE to write at least the storyboard myself.I know the game got several complaints about the writing (especially on Steam) but I don’t want to talk about the writing quality itself but my own mistakes.First of all, doing a new game genre like a crafing/sim game, and having the story written BEFORE the gameplay.

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