Roy qiu and rainie yang dating

With projects left and right, this girl still has a long way to go --- perhaps --- a solo album? Filmography: (Dramas) Meteor Garden 1 - Xiao You Meteor Rain - Xiao You Sweet Lemon, Sunshine Jelly - Mei Tomorrow Ai Qing Bai Pi Shu (Paper of Love) - Yuan Chian Mei White Lilies Hua Xiang Lavender 2 - Xiao Xiao The Pink Godfather Sweet Candy Love Bird The Original Scent of Summer - Pan Pan Legend of Speed Devil Besides You - Qi Yue City of sky(Movies) Merry Go Round - Carlily Pang (TV Shows) TVBS Game Show - 2003 Jacky Live! May 2004 Wo Cai Wo Cai Wo Cai Cai Cai (GTV) - 2002 - present (Product Endorsements) Home Appliance Endorsement *with 4in Love* - 2000 I Love My Heart Endorsement *with 4in Love* - 2000 Doublemint Gum *With We We and 4in Love* - 2002Hi Net Internet *with Ken Zhu* - 2002 Youth Spokesperson for Literature - 2004 Taipei Spokesperson for the Youth for Recycling and Environmental Awareness - May 2004 (Albums and Songs) 4in Love Fall In Love - November 2000 1. This means you are limited to certain areas of the board and there are some features you can't use. She's now experimenting with different hairstyles, makeup and fashion to suit her now she's considered an adult. =DThese two are aboslutely PERFECT in Devil Beside You....waaa!!! credits: Dramawikipics: iheartupics and profile: luvstarzx U r welcome.. At 15, auditioned for a girlband to be launched by BMG called 4in Love and passed with flying colors, from then on, she was called "Rainie" along with other 3 girls. " she pinches her own cheeks "I 'm pretty annoyed by my baby fat.") Taken from Hu Ge's Kitty Pound by qing.

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The only thing that might have tempted me is that Dewi from Our Times and Ba Yu from Pleasantly Surprised make a return to dramas in Swimming Battle..I really don't think that that temptation is strong enough.Unfortunately, late 2002, for reasons, 4in Love had to disband. Windie and Sunnie proceeded with their studies and Cloudie pursued to be a stewardess. Moved to Taiwan, and pursue her acting career as she lived with her co-band members under one roof. Copy from Jungiery_Stars.-----------------------------------------She is one of my favourite actresses and singers.. The drama series I watched that features her is Devil Besides U.. She starred in various dramas starting with the mega blockbuster ' Meteor Garden' where she played a supporting yet pivotal role, the cute Xiao You (Hana Yori Dango's "Yuki" Chinese counterpart) and at that start, the rest was history as she proceeded on to be a much-loved leading lady by respectable men and starred in more bankable dramas.

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