Rules of the game of dating

Trust me, that one thing alone can lead to confusions if you’re already used to a particular type of kissing.

If you want to get bolder, place your hands on your partner’s sides and move them along the sides of the body, inches away from any strategic locations. A perfect kiss isn’t just one kiss, it’s a series of well timed first kisses.

And once you’re feeling bold enough to go for the kiss, whisper in their ears now and then or play with their hair.

Nothing sends the kissing signal out better than that.

Slide your tongue in just a tiny bit until you touch your date’s lips with your tongue. Beyond the first thirty seconds or so, it’s alright to get bold and explore just a little more, very softly, of course! Once you’ve got your lips busy, what do you do with your hands?

For starters, place your hands on the sides or the back of your kissing mate.

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