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When riding on a Yoshi’s back, Donkey Kong helped them perform many special moves, such as the vine climb and shoulder charge.

This is the current Donkey Kong and was strong like his adult self.

Donkey Kong would use a system of ropes to lower himself to the greenhouse floor.

When he reaches the floor, the game ends and Donkey Kong is able to destroy the rest of the greenhouse.

When Diddy attempted to guard it, a Krusha trapped him in a barrel.

The original Donkey Kong character design was created by Shigeru Miyamoto for the Donkey Kong arcade game.Donkey Kong did appear as a sort of host for the game Donkey Kong Jr.Math, where he gave the player math signs so that they would know which operation to perform.After Stanley sprays Donkey Kong with insecticide three times to keep him off the greenhouse floor, he runs away.Because Donkey Kong 3 was notably less popular, Donkey Kong, (along with some other characters from the Arcade games) were not seen for a while.

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