Russian and international dating

On his Your Questions page, Bob has answered dozens of questions from men around the world pertaining to meeting, dating, and marrying Russian women.

The page is interactive, so users can offer their own comments and personal experiences to past Q&As.

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He’s grown accustomed to the culture and lifestyle there — teaching English part time and working on a few other side projects — while continuing to be an enthusiastic champion for cultivating love across the globe.Thanks for presenting this without a slant and giving us the truth on how to go about it without getting scammed to death.’” Meeting Russian Women houses hundreds of pages of dating site reviews, testimonials, and user Q&As.Bob also offers personal advice and consultation via phone for a fee as well as one-on-one, hands-on support for men looking to travel to Kiev, Ukraine, where he now resides.Bob also delivers information that helps travelers overcome language barriers and know what items, such as cash, medicine, and walking shoes, to bring.“The average session length or amount of time a visitor comes to the site and stays there indicates to me that they are engaged with the material,” he said.

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