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State-of-the-art UV direct printing and curing technology results in pictures with smooth sharpness and amazing colour reproduction printed directly on a polished acrylic glass.

With our 6-colour printing technology, finer details are accurately captured and reproduced while large colour areas are duplicated in deep, rich colours.

The pin-sharp resolution of your photo reproduction will shine through immaculate acrylic glass, while the oblique cut of museum cardboard passe-partout will give your photo print added depth, shifting all the attention directly to the image.

Complement your nature and landscape photos with a suitably natural foundation!

The photo on wood provides a natural look, with your picture printed on a genuine photo paper, which is then covered with a protective matte layer that protects your image from persistent fingerprint stains.

The wood panel itself consists of multiple layers, topped with a lab quality, 12-colour print of your photo.

Packed in a fancy custom-made gift box, it’s a superb collection of 25 photos with a hint of the always-trendy vintage aesthetics!

Your picture is printed on laboratory quality photo paper, then laminated onto an aluminium composite panel and covered with a protective film.The combination of state-of-the-art direct 6-colour printing and curing technologies, used to produce acrylic prints, with the durability, strength and environmental resistance of the aluminium panel, produces a superlative image, that both looks and lasts!The aluminium backing not only guarantees exceptional and lightweight stability, it also adds to that sought-after gallery aesthetic.Being safe against intense light and humidity, the glassy surface will reflect the latter with an astounding beauty, giving the illusion of spatiality that will make your picture come alive within the acrylic block!The photo or picture of your choice will be reproduced to become a top-notch design feat. The ultra-light Forex photoboard is a 5 mm thick, white, hard-foam plate.

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