Save jailbroken apps before updating

The system will wipe itself clean, and restart in the process.

It may prompt you for a few things and one to watch out for is; “re-installing or keeping all your apps“.

Monitoring software is designed to be stealthy and invisible, in order to remain concealed in case the device is stolen or falls under the wrong hands, and the top providers make it very hard to even find a trace of the application anywhere on the device.

Android users are lucky enough to have access to an app called “Anti Spy Mobile” that seems to work well, mentioned further down, but beyond that, manually removing can be very difficult.

For all i Phones, i Pads and i Pods, the only apps available are those on the Apple store, unless you jailbreak it, which allows you to install software from any third party company.

This is the main reason people jail break their device in the first place!

However, if they have some account passwords, they can simply be stalking you with those.

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First and foremost, the person would need to have physical access to your phone, and the password to unlock it in order to install the spy app in the first place.

If you are uncertain of whether or not someone did indeed install tracking programs on your smart phone or tablet, I would suggest you read the following post on how to detect tracking apps first, and follow up with improving the security of your cell phone in order to avoid future attacks on your privacy.

These basic starting points are directed for people who have been unfortunate victims of espionage or spying being done on their electronic mobile devices without them knowing. Especially if you share the same password for every account you have.

Although t can easily be done using a couple of specific methods for which we will go over.

Depending on the brand or operating system your phone runs, you don’t need to have very advanced technical skills to get this done.

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