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For example, everyone knows that potassium and magnesium are alkalinizing or are they?

The ANS has two parts, sympathetic and parasympathetic.

Blaylock's book into emails (most of which they did not bother to read, even after I spent what little "free" time I had rehashing the same information and sending it piecemeal); they then decided that it was too much "work" to take supplements and blenderize their vegetables in a Vitamix every day.Then, two years ago, I was given a rare book thats now out of print called Nutrition and Your Mind by Dr. He found (two decades before Wiley) the same findings Wiley published (that meat is alkalinizing).Watson showed how subtle shifts in p H through diet and supplements would normalize p H in mentally ill individuals and, when corrected, the patients mental disorder completely cleared or at least improved. In his book, The Metabolic Typing Diet, William Wolcott, a protg of Kelley, explains his dominance theory of individual metabolism.One person with Stage 4 cancer that had metastasized throughout her body actually called and asked me if she could take only one supplement (and without even radically changing her diet and lifestyle) to cure herself of cancer!Unfortunately, many people email and call without even taking the time to read the information that I've spent so much time to make available to all, at no charge, and then expect me to rehash the same information that they would already know if they were not too lazy to read the material first. Quick Index Eat Right for Your Metabolism, Not Your Blood Type -- Dr. Kelley cured himself of pancreatic cancer, which to this day is still incurable by conventional medicine, by eating an almost totally vegetarian diet, along with spiritual elements and supplements. Kelley spent many years investigating various metabolic types of people and what types of foods and supplements would keep each type in optimum health.

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