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• After 36 years of faithful and vigorous daily exercise, no red meat for the last 10 years and no known family history of heart diseases, I received two stents -- circumflex and right coronary arteries -- in two separate PCIs over a three-week period in January-February 2013.The first was transradial, the second through my femoral. I have noticed over the past week or so some renewed angina and tiredness and am wondering if I did not go back to full-time work too quickly.A police constable visited my house within 2 weeks of the receiving the passport. Police verification will not be initiated unless your file shows up on Mumbai police website. Later I came to know that Mumbai police allows one to track the application status on their website.Is there such a thing as "normal" recovery period for a 60-year old male -- three weeks, a months, two to three months, etc.? • Con in Canada -- We would tend to agree with you that you may be experiencing side effects from some of your prescribed medications.

If there is an easy way to contact your cardiologist, you should have him answer these questions, because every patient's needs are a bit different, and we're not sure what food and/or fluid restrictions you in particular may have.

If all documents are in order, the verification is updated with the passport office.

Like your local educational TV or radio station, our Forum relies on help from visitors like you. I always had shortness of breath and I am now better since they have taken me off my Effient and others. The first year was rough but you will get better just takes time.

For example, Plavix and aspirin are extremely important to prevent blood clotting inside the stent.

• I had angioplasty on November 2nd, after experiencing shortness of breath on several occasions this summer.

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