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Only registered Custom Brokers can complete the procedures by acting as some sort of intermediary between the you and the ministry of commerce. Now, the permit delivered by the ICTA is a bit more PITA. You should probably learn by yourself if you go through the steps, but anyways, I will help you. The polite officer informed me that any device (whether using wifi, bluetooth etc) imported in REASONABLE quantity for PERSONAL use DOES NOT REQUIRE any ICTA permits. Whenever you are ensure, do give a call to the customs office to inquire.

The phone numbers are available on this page itself.

Note that you may need medical certificates to prove that you need some medicines(drugs) and all drugs are verified and approved by a pharmacian at the customs. That’s a question which I regularly need to answer (just like tons others on this topic.) The Central Parcels Office is located at the back of the Post Office headquarters of Port Louis.

) About a week ago, I was informed about some changes at the Central Parcel Office and that’s the reason why I had to write an updated post to share these precious bits of information I gathered at the Central Parcel office while politely questioning a customs officer.It takes a lot of efforts for them to come up to a person and start an ordinary conversation.It happens due to the features of character or negative experiences of the past.This website is a free online dating site which means you should be aware about Dating Scam.If another member asks you to send money or to pay for agency, translation or any other services - please report one immediately!

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