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Clapton stole the girl, stole the song, and stole the riff.

He is STILL on Death Row Pattie left Eric and went back to George!

He has been a decent session guitar player, but I would not count him among the greats like Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Larry Carlton, or George Harrison even.

Hendrix had his own set of problems, but talent wasn't among them - that being said I get tired of Hendrix much faster than many lesser guitar players like Neil Young.

In Pattie Boyd's autobiography -she mentioned that George was given to infidelty and was obsessed with wanting to become a Hindu GOD or something of that nature.

It would be very easy for a woman to feel rejected and run into the arms of another after finding out of a husband's infidelty or when having to live with a husband's self obsessed introspection and indifference.

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