Sex for wheelchair users in qld

A: Personally I found it really uncomfortable to watch because I found Helen Hunt in her character to be completely unprofessional. A: There’s a lot of overlap between sex workers and sexual surrogates.

We’re dealing with people who may be very uncomfortable with their bodies or very nervous- it may be the first time that we’re doing this.

Her organisation claims that access to the sex industry is a human rights issue for people with disabilities.

Q: You must get compared to Helen Hunt’s character in The Sessions a lot.He says ‘your money’s on the table’ and she just basically verbally slaps him and says ‘I’m not a prostitute.’ She also talks over her shoulder to her client while she’s getting undressed.I just cringed at that, because this is a person who hasn’t lost his virginity, has never had any sensual contact with another human being, and she’s wrecking the undress thing!A: It’s certainly increased, and I think that’s just because there’s been media coverage and more people are discussing things.Scarlet Road has certainly broken the ice in a lot of families and a lot of organisations, and people’s sexuality is on the table.

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