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Bethlehem was abbreviated to Bedlam and the word bedlam fell into common usage.The Bangladeshi selfie-stick hawkers are doing a brisk trade outside the Colosseum.My first memory of going to a "big match" in a proper stadium is St Patrick's Day 1976.I went with thousands of locals from around Dun Laoghaire to see CBC Monkstown in the Schools' Senior Cup at Lansdowne Road. Yugoslavia had been a federation since World War I, it had Europe's biggest standing army, it had been the ballast between East and West and yet it disintegrated in bloodshed.Today, she struts the UK political stage as the ultimate kingmaker.

In a narrow sense - and this might be the only sense that matters - this is a win/win situation for Ireland. I love the word 'bedlam', meaning insane or totally out of control.

It's funny how that name would have once terrified locals.

In two weeks, Britain will trigger Article 50 and the clock starts ticking.

Years ago, a mate of mine, the son of a hard-working Jewish butcher from Brooklyn, managed to get into Harvard.

This was a huge undertaking for this average family without the financial resources to pay Ivy League fees. They saved, scrimped and borrowed so eventually the son emerged from one of America's finest universities with brilliant...

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