Shaheer sheikh and soumya seth dating

It was interesting earlier and I really like the fact that I was doing something different, but as of now, because of the TRPs, the story and characters have changed a lot and I’m not enjoying it so much. The initial story was about a girl who had so many layers.

(Star Plus), overnight became the heart throb of the young television audience.

The dish turned out to be a hit among the cast and crew of the daily soap 'Navya'.

The 26-years-old actor, who claimed that he didn't even know how to prepare a cup of tea, went ahead to prepare masala corn for the lady. that sounds interesting or are we just reading between the lines?

Frankly, if we could pinpoint the exact reason, we would have worked on it.

But based on the research done by Shashi and Sumeet Productions and the channel, we have constantly been changing our track to the preference of the audience.

But Soumya is not scared of dark things any more, and plus I am very focused in life and my work. So will it be a love or an arranged marriage for you, whenever it happens?

Aaradhya, on the other hand, doesn’t have any connection with work per se. Actually, any guy I can be proud to introduce to my family, ‘coz they are my lifeline and support. Any kind of marriage will do, but as of now I don’t think I am ready for it. My dad thinks I look really pretty in the show and he told me that I’ve made him proud. Does your cousin Ragini Khanna give you any advice?

Apart from serials, Shaheer also appeared in the song, Teri Palkey of A.His role of the teenager instantly made him popular amongst kids.Post ‘Kya Mast Hai Life’, he played the role of Nana Sahib in ‘Jhansi ki Rani’.But am sure that whatever steps they’ve taken are for the betterment of the show. So I feel my relationship with Aaradhya has gone a little haywire. It feels as though the show has already ended and it’s gone. I love each and everyone on the show from my co-actors to all the directors who’ve come on the show to the light and spot . When we are not shooting, we are either playing UNO cards or settling in one room to have some fun. Now we are trying something new and attempting to shock the audience – maybe that will work. Frankly, Aaradhya is a very different role from my first show, Navya. If with time the track and characters evolve, it’s okay, but here things are changing too fast. The moment the TRPs get a little better, my original character will also come back. (Laughs)If the show does end, what will you miss most?

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