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Revision: 25163 Author: jdempsey Date: 2014-09-26 0000 (Fri, ) Log Message: ----------- Release notes for 6.04.00 Added Paths: ----------- branches/6.04.x/installers/release-notes/pcgen-release-notes-60400Added: branches/6.04.x/installers/release-notes/pcgen-release-notes-60400=================================================================== --- branches/6.04.x/installers/release-notes/pcgen-release-notes-60400(rev 0) branches/6.04.x/installers/release-notes/pcgen-release-notes-604002014-09-26 UTC (rev 25163) @@ -0,0 1,1026 @@ Welcome to PCGen v6.02.0, the latest stable release of PCGen.

The highlights of the changes for PCGen 6.4 are listed below:: For full details of the new changes in this release, see the Change Log .

In particular the PCGen team would appreciate your -feedback on importing your characters and data from earlier versions of PCGen.

-The highlights of the changes for PCGen 6.4 are listed below: Welcome to PCGen v6.04.00, the latest stable release of PCGen.

Patterson (kwp), Jessica ' Artist Wench' Whiting, Wayne Crawford, oddballmage, Ian Dale, Joshua Nelson (DJ_Chair), Y2Krankor (Greg G), Paul W.Revision: 25175 Author: jdempsey Date: 2014-09-28 0000 (Sun, ) Log Message: ----------- ADMIN-35 - Website shows incorrect release dates Update download links for 6.4.0 release Modified Paths: -------------- Trunk/website/03_get_Modified: Trunk/website/03_get_=================================================================== --- Trunk/website/03_get_2014-09-28 UTC (rev 25174) Trunk/website/03_get_2014-09-28 UTC (rev 25175) @@ -83,7 83,8 @@ if (($out Count Revision: 25174 Author: jdempsey Date: 2014-09-28 0000 (Sun, ) Log Message: ----------- Correct version text for 6.4.0 Modified Paths: -------------- branches/6.04.x/installers/release-notes/branches/6.04.x/installers/release-notes/pcgen-release-notes-60400Modified: branches/6.04.x/installers/release-notes/=================================================================== --- branches/6.04.x/installers/release-notes/2014-09-28 UTC (rev 25173) branches/6.04.x/installers/release-notes/2014-09-28 UTC (rev 25174) @@ -8,11 8,9 @@ # What's new for v6.4.0 -PCGen v6.04.0 RC3 is a release candidate for PCGen 6.4.It represents a -product we believe is ready for production use and which we would like your -assistance in testing out.Thanks to the following people who contributed to the PCGen 6.4.0 release: Andrew Maitland, Andrew Wilson, Chris Griffen, Connor Petty, David R Bender, Don Peterson, Doug Limmer, Eric C Smith, Gjorbjond, Henk Slaaf, Hunter Johnson, James Dempsey, Mark Means, Mynex, Pablo Custo, Paul Grosse, Paul Grosse, Paul Shipley, Richard Homonnai, Stefan Radermacher, Swiftbrook , Tim Ladd, and Tom Parker. or [email protected], or simply post a message with the title "I Want To Help" in one of the mailing lists.Thanks also to the many people who gave us feedback, reported bugs, contributed to the lists and helped other PCGen users out! Anyone who wants to contribute whether it is Java programming, data set programming, documentation, helping new users, general cat herding, massage, walking the dogs, etc. \ No newline at end of file Property changes on: branches/6.04.x/installers/release-notes/pcgen-release-notes-60400___________________________________________________________________ Added: svn:eol-style ## -0,0 1 ## native \ No newline at end of property This was sent by the Source collaborative development platform, the world's largest Open Source development site.

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