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Stretched, but it’s being stretched in these categories.But the people who stand out are the ones who do it, then they throw you off and do something interesting. What do I think could be better is the messages in the songs.Also, I came in the game when it was really about the music and really about the art. I was like okay, let me step back and let that happen, and then when I come back I’m going to come back in the right way from all platforms.From behind the scenes, in front of the scenes, everything that I do is going to be meaningful so that I don’t get lost in that. They find themselves after disappearing for a minute, then they come back and they are their peak highest self.While the friend zone usually isn’t a coveted space and getting braids isn’t usually a romantic revelation, Mario took it there for us with 2002’s “Just A Friend” and 2003’s “Braid My Hair.” He was responsible for creating adolescent anthems that kept us going and brought the Baltimore born R&B singer right into the seat next to us as we navigated those hormone-driven years.

I could see these things coming across in the new song.Like don’t get me wrong, I f**k up some commas and I have all these things but, I need more. Ultimately, I want people to look at me and understand when I do something and see the deeper meaning behind it.So is that really what you want to get across to your fans? Understand that it’s art and the expression of art comes from a higher place of creativity.Mario: I’m going to be honest with you, the first song that I ever recorded was with Fabolous. I don’t want to be here right now.” He was like, “Well if you don’t feel like working, then we going to get something out of it. Because he was doing his artist thing so he was like I got the relationship with Gucci so I should be on the record.It was called “Tameeka” and it was on the soundtrack. I just remember being super young and being in the studio for like 16 hours, recording the same parts over and over. We’re going to write a song about you getting your hair braided.” I’m like bro, don’t nobody want to hear that. Gucci got out of jail the night before, like the night I recorded the song he had just got out, the next day he was in studio recording. it was the second video i shot in my hometown so it was cool.

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